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Aztec Spirulina is a leading producer of high quality spirulina. We have over 14 years of experience in the production, development, promotion and distribution of pure and high grade spirulina. Our spirulina is FDA approved and is available in a variety of forms, for many uses. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality spirulina possible.

Growing, Processing and Distribution

Since 2008

Started as a family owned Spirulina microfarm in Cainta Rizal in 2008, Eng. Pol Puente and his family saw the potentials of growing quality Spirulina due to its medical and health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Based on scientific studies Spirulina has several health benefits such as: improving the body's immune system, boosting energy, addressing high blood pressure, heartburn, hyperacidity, hormones, PCOS, insomia, digestive system problems, cleansing or detoxifying, controlling blood sugar for diabetes, reduction of bad cholesterol, protection against cancer and people undergoing radiation chemotherapy treatments, dengue and more.

In March 3, 2010, Aztec Foodgrowers Corporation (AFC) was established and granted by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the license to operate as a Spirulina producer and food trader. Initially the company's campaign focuses in Spirulina's purest form which is the spirulina granules because of its longer shelf life and instant effects. On September 13, 2010, Aztec Foodgrowers Corporation launched their Aztec Spirulina Capsules each capsule composed of 500mg. of pure high grade Spirulina. Currently, the company has 4 products in the market namely: Aztec Spirulina Granules, Aztec Spirulina Capsules 30 and 100 pcs., and Spirulina Blends 5in1 Coffee - Spirulina Mangosteen.

Growing, Processing and Distribution

Meet our Team

Engr. Napoleon Y. Puente


Edrian Puente


Engr. Coco Puente


Maria Patricia Puente


Nurse Val Puente

Health Consultant

Dra. Anna Kathrina Puente-Panlilio

Health Consultant

Customer Feedback

  • Sinunod ko po lahat ng advice ni Nurse Val kaya nag ok ng GERD ko!

    Maria Teresa C., Recovered from GERD / Acid Reflux

  • Recovered na po ako. Thank you sa prayers at Aztec Spirulina! Rerecommend ko rin po ito sa mga kaibigan kong nagka Covid

    Christian R., COVID Recovery in just 4 Days

  • My FT4 lab findings are now normal after my 4th bottle. My palpitations and toxic goiter are gone! Thank you Aztec Spirulina!

    Ms. Angie N., Recovered from Toxic Goiter

  • I prescribe Aztec Spirulina to my diabetic and chronic kidney disease patients. All of them are showing improvements after 2 weeks of taking spirulina.

    Dr. Ramon Ramos of La Sallete Clinic Imus Cavite, Recovered Diabetics and CKD Patients

  • I was advised by my doctor that conceiving will be difficult with my infertility and PCOS. After taking AztecSpirulina capsules, my baby Alieyah is now 1 year old and healthy.

    Mommy Lorena Lim & Baby Alieyah, Infertility / Spirulina Baby

In the media

  • The brand, Aztec Spirulina have been registered with DTI and IPO since 2009.
  • Aztec Foodgrowers Corporation is a certified food manufacturer and spirulina producer since 2010 by FDA Philippines.
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