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Dagdag Proteksyon sa COVID-578

COVID Advisory: For Covid+ Patients

1. Take 3 Aztec Spirulina capsules before every meal on early sign of covid to prevent cytokine storm or covid becoming worst.

2. For sore throat, always gargle with mixture of warm water, salt and 1 capsule ( remove from capsugel ) of Aztec spirulina.

3. Do steam inhalation or " Suob" to relieve lung congestion.

4. Increase water intake, 8 to 10 glasses of warm water a day.

5. Have morning sunshine exposure, at least 20 minutes every day, to promote Vitamin D production.

6. Increase physical activity such as stretching, or walking around the house, or just dancing.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

8. Do deep breathing exercise to improve lung function and be relaxed esp. when stressed. Inhale and slowly exhale. Repeat until you calm down


Note: Many COVID+ families have recovered by doing the procedure mentioned. Trust Aztec Spirulina because it is pure and high grade, and you will feel the good effects right away.

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