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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a complication of excess waste products in the bloodstreams caused by several factors mostly due to unhealthy lifestyle, diet and other medical conditions. Click here to learn more. 

Why is Spirulina Good for the Kidneys?
Taking Spirulina regularly can aid CKD because it has vegetable protein, NOT animal protein that harms the kidneys. Vegetable protein helps recover from weakness especially after dialysis. It is a source of good cholesterol that helps reduce bad cholesterol, the cause of diseases like hypertension, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, kidney disease, etc. Because it is a complete food, spirulina replenishes the nutrients that are lost during dialysis. Spirulina stimulates the bone narrow to produce healthy & mature blood cells like RBC / hemoglobin to help recover from renal anemia (low hemoglobin) a complication of kidney disease. Spirulina is an amino acid methionine & cysteine that helps clean, cell regeneration or revive weak cells and restore liver and kidney functioning. Spirulina has many antioxidants that clean the blood, veins and major organs like the kidneys and liver. Some forms of cleansing or detoxification are the following: sweating, regulated bowel movement and frequent urination. 

How to Take Spirulina for Kidney Problems?
Understand that getting kidney disease did not just happened overnight. It is a recurring health condition wherein the patient spent years of eating the wrong food, living an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking and drinking) and maybe due to side effects of long term medications. In order for spirulina to work, the patient needs to do necessary lifestyle changes and healthy choices. From the food and water intake. We also suggest that you consult with your medical doctor for proper monitoring progress.

Dosage of Spirulina for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients
As reported by Dr. Ramon Ramos he saw improvements in CKD patients taking Aztec Spirulina capsules. There should be a gradual increase of dosage wherein we recommend on the 1st week to take 1 capsule, 1 hour after meals (3 times a day) and on the 2nd week, take 2 capsules one hour after each meal (6 capsules a day), and on the 3rd week onward, take 3 capsules one hour after each meal (9 capsules a day).

Avoid eating meat, fatty, greasy, salty processed food and take fruits and vegetables instead. Increase physical activity like stretching, walking or dancing to improve blood circulation. Get sunlight every morning for your Vitamin D and take Aztec Spirulina regularly. Spirulina helps boost energy and strengthens immune system or strengthens the body's resistance to fast recovery and prevention of complications of diseases like COVID.

Do you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?
Refer to the image for Aztec Spirulina protocols for CKD patients. Aztec Spirulina offers a special discount of 20% for Senior Citizens and PWD. Call us for more details

Spirulina for CKD Patients